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Bright Space

by Dane Allred


You were there.

So was I.

Everyone and everything that ever was, is, or will be

Was there.

There was nothing else, no other place, and no other time except

That bright space where we all were.

All united in the peace of that bright space

Yet at once all individual.

We were content.

We were at rest in the never ending and

Never beginning

Bright space.

Every idea, every thought

To be thought was there.

There was no time because there was all time.

There was no rush because there was nowhere to go.

At peace, we rested in the blissful knowledge

Of all that was,

Of all that is,

Of all that ever will be.

But then that nagging doubt began.

What if there is something else?

Something not here now

That we could discover if we were not

Resting together in that bright space?

Something we could only discover if we

Became separate

And left the bright place

Of peace and content and rest.

Could there be more if I was not with you

And you were not with me?

What would such a something else be like?

What would make me want to leave you

And for you to leave me

That would be worth abandoning

All that we had ever known

All that we had ever been?

That was when the answer appeared.

Apart, we could be more.

Apart we would find things we could never find

If all of us remained in this peaceful, restful, contented

Bright space.

So we decided to leave.

We would have to become separate for a while

So we could experience all we couldn’t experience together.

We agreed to return and share all that we had learned

So that in our new bright space

We would have no more doubt about

What could be

What we could know

What we could become.

We promised we would remember all we would experience

When we were together again.

And then truly be at peace.


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