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MT Noggin's FREE EduK8shun Renewal Conference

Welcome to your FREE educational renewal conference with me, Markus Tenacious Noggin.  Just remember, anything free is worth what you pay for it.  So here I am in my monkey suit, looking like one of those fancy pants conference speakers.  Now you may be asking yourself, what can Marcus Tenancious Noggin have to tell you to help you get motivated for another school year.  Some of you may be sayin', MT what can we learn from an old fool like you?  Well, I'll tell ya, a lot more than from a young fool.

I was asked to say a few words of encouragement at the beginning of another school year.

I am a school teacher.  I been doin' the same job for more than 30 years, so what's my secret?  It don't hurt that I been changin' bosses every few years.  Once ya get hired, the new guy has to think, well somebody must have had a good reason to hire him.

I've been in 3 movies so far this year, playin' a crazy survivalist, a street beggar and one of the thousands fed in a Jesus bible movie.  I'm in the 7th group of 50 towards the back.  I wonder why they won't give me a speakin' part.

So if some backward country boy like me can show up on the silver screen and be on the internest, just imagine what those little sh- students could turn out to be.

Why you could be teachin' a future US president, or a contestant on "So you think you can dance", or maybe even a future school teacher.

I've been teaching for more that 30 years, and though that makes many of my former teachers cringe or spin around in their graves, my life my just serve as a warnin' to those not payin' attention in class.

So let's make it short and sweet.  I know you don't want to be listenin' to me, and would rather be gettin' ready for students.  So here's the five P's of teachin' adapted from MT Noggin's Garden of Eatin'.

Plan, plant, prune, pluck, process.

Plan yer garden, and yer growth plan fer yer students.

Plant those seeds of knowledge and watch them grow.

Prune those pesky misconceptions out


Pluck that fruit of your work and harvest those ideas.  Start the Process all over again and build on what you've planted.

Is that short enough fer ya?

It's like the time I got bucked off the back of that Shetland Pony and got dragged around 'cause my foot was caught in the stirrup.  I got kicked in the head every time I tried to get my foot out of the stirrup.  Ever since then, I wanted to be a teacher.

My name may be MT Noggin, but I owe everthin' I am to those patient teachers who put up with me in school, bless their souls.  Who woulda thunk a student like I was would grow up to be an internest phe-nom-me-non.

But it all jist goes to show all you educators out there, all is not lost.  MT Noggin made it through school. You may be teachin' a future MT Noggin in your very classroom.  I'm pretty sure there will be another one this year, jist like every year.

Like Whitney Houston said,

"I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be"

Sorry you have to listen to that  but Whitney wasn't available.

I also want to thank all those people in China listening to these podcasts trying to learn English.  Well, not this particular program, but that high falutin' Literature Out Loud hosted by that fancy pants Dane Allred.  I'm jist sorry that all those people who think they're learning English understand those old stories by O'Henry and Edgar Allan Poe ain't necessarily standard English as spoke by good old Americans.  That Edgar Allan Poe guy was my neighbor, just across the cornfield next to Noggin' Street.  Had a lot of cats.

And what's up with all those Shakespeare Sonnets?  85% of the people don't understand what Shakespeare is saying, and the other 35% don't care.

Next time, MT Noggin' On Math and Science.

See ya next time on the intercest.  What's that Ma?  Oh, yeah, the innernet, cause it's inside the computer.

Sing along if you know it.

Mares eat oats

And does eat oats

And little lambs eat ivy,

A kid'll eat ivy, too.

Wouldn't you?

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