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The Illusion of One


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The Illusion of One

I feel apart from you.

You probably feel you are spinning through space alone.

Even in the midst of six billion other people,

Most of us feel we are alone.

The illusion of being apart is on purpose.

We decided to come here to be by ourselves.

After an eternity before this life spent with everyone who every is, was or will be,

After knowing everything there was to be known,

And sharing our ideas, thoughts, feelings and inspiration

With everyone.

Then we realized there was more to know.

We discovered there was a way to learn more,

To be more,

To truly explore what it means to be one,

By coming here alone.

We decided to leave the place where everyone knew

Everyone else, and there were no strangers.

We knew we could learn more apart, even though we are all still connected by that same, safe, Bright Space.

I'll be going back there someday, to reveal all I have learned.

You'll go back there someday, too, so we can all enjoy the things you've learned on your journey.

As this universe experiences itself in the unique way only you can experience,

The knowledge grows.

The insight grows.

We will find out all there is to know, and then perhaps

We may be at peace.

Until then, we spin in our own orbit,

Supposing we are separate.

Thinking we have never met that person we see on the street.

Thinking we are strangers walking among other strangers, never realizing we have all met before.

Not just the people in our neighborhood.

Or our friends.

But we have met every person who lives now,

Who has ever lived

Or who will ever live.

We spent an eternity together before this day.

We will spend an eternity together after this life.

What a great reunion awaits us,

The illusion of being separate will vanish

As we recognize each other again.

We will wonder how we walked alone

When our friends walked all around us.

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The Illusion of One

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