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Bright Space

by Dane Allred

Together Again

I am a stranger here.

Here to observe,

To Learn,

To live.

You may feel like a stranger here, too.

We are the outsiders,

Here from another place.

We were together before this time,

In the bright space.

We travel in this new place,

Unknown to each other,

Struggling in a strange new place

Waiting to make that connection

With someone we knew before.

But the best news is we knew everyone before.

Everyone who has ever lived,

Everyone who lives now,

And everyone who will ever live.

In the Bright Space,

We waited for the opportunity to be more

To do more,

To find out all there is to know,

As this universe experiences itself

Through you and through me.

When we are done with what we can learn here,

We will be together again,

And share all that we have learned.

There is such diversity in our world.

An incredible variety of things, places,

People, and other creatures to be experienced.

One of us could not do a part of it in our lifetime.

In such a world of abundance and wonder

There are so many things to do and find.

But in the rush to do,

We must also be.

We must be there for others

Who are waiting for that helping hand from us.

Who are waiting for that spark from us

That completes the circle

From when we first met,

To today, when we meet again.

Be the bright space.

Be present for that next time

Our paths cross.

Not for the first time,

And certainly not for the last time.

Be conscious of those around us

Not walking with our eyes closed,

Unconscious of others moving through the same space as you and I.

We knew each other before.

We know each other still.

We only need to reach out and make that


You know that feeling.

You've met before.

You are only meeting again.

Now, there are no strangers here.

We are together once again.

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Together Again

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