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Our Journey

I hope you are finding out those things you were sent here to discover,

Achieving those things only you can do,

Finding those opportunities to reconnect with everyone in this world,

Who was with us in the Bright Space.

We were sent here to learn all there is to know,

To return and complete the knowledge we sought

When we left the Bright Space.

We knew we could only learn these things

Alone and apart from each other here on a spinning planet.

We had to leave the perfect peace of the Bright Space to find the answers

This universe is seeking

By manifesting itself in you and me.

Your life is so different from mine,

Even though we seem to spin in the same orbits,

Doing similar things,

Finding similar answers

Reaching similar conclusions.

But you are a unique expression of how this universe wants to learn.

Your experiences add to the combined experiences of all who have ever lived,

Are living now,

And are yet to live.

When that reunion of all of us in the Bright Space takes place,

What a wonderful gathering it will be.

We will understand how our experiences

And the experiences of others

Have fulfilled our wish to know all there is to know.

To experience those things only we could experience

In a way only we could understand.

We are reminded of that elusive goal every time we meet someone,

Who we are sure we have already met.

We were together in the Bright Space before this life,

And the promises we made to each other are fulfilled on those days

When we reach out to that other person,

Reminded of how important this life really is,

Reminded of how important that other person really is,

Reminded that we have a work to do that only we can do;

We glimpse the majesty of this work,

To bring us together again in that Bright Space,

Together, we can see into the future of our universe.

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