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Bright Space


by Dane Allred

When the universe wanted to find out all there was to know

It created you and me.

In the Bright Space we all enjoyed each other’s company,

Celebrating the unlimited number of ways

This universe wanted to discover

All there was to know.

Even when you and I

Experience the same thing,

We experience it in completely different ways.

We can try to explain to someone else

What we have seen and felt

And another person would explain

The same experience

In a completely different way.

But the opposite is also true.

When we are gathered together

United for a purpose

With hundreds or thousands

Of different people

All desiring the same goal,

The same unity,

We are feeling a part of that oneness

We once felt in the Bright Space.

Though we are diverse individuals

With different backgrounds,

Preferences, desires and goals,

At that one moment,

During that one time we are gathered


We feel as one

We shout as one

We act as one.

What a great mystery to be contemplated.

We are apart

And yet we can be one.

It’s that same feeling we get

When we meet someone new,

But they really aren’t new to us

Because we were together before

In the Bright Space.

There is that spark of recognition

That feeling of familiarity

That feeling of oneness

Even though we are quite different

From one another.

While we spin in our own spheres

On this world

Spinning through space

At unbelievable speeds,

We take the time to know others

To help others

To seek that purpose for which

We were sent here.

To experience what this life will offer us,

And experience all the others we will ever meet

As we travel on our voyage.

Someday, when we have experienced

All this life has to offer,

We will return to the Bright Space

The place that is no place

Where there is no here and then

But only now

And we celebrate our oneness and diversity.

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