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by Dane Allred

Can’t we all be getting better all the time?

Does someone have to fail so I can succeed?

Does your world view include winners and losers;

Those who succeed and those who never had a chance?

It’s too bad we don’t remember more about the Bright Space.

That place we were, before we were here.


I knew you, and everyone who has ever lived,

Or will ever live.

I recognize you, and feel that spark of familiarity

That feeling we have met before

That we spent time together in that wonderful light

Of the Bright Space.

We knew we needed to have a life of our own here.

It was the only way to learn all we needed to learn.

It was the way this universe would experience itself

Through you

And through me.

But now that we are here,

That veil of forgetfulness clouds our thinking,

And we imagine we are all separate,

Alone and away from each other,

Wandering in our own worlds.

There really is only this world.

This time when you and I happen to be here together.

We are here to succeed

To strive and to try,

To fail and get back up

And try again.

And we are here to help each other.

How sad this universe would be if there was just me

Or just you.

We would miss the chance to meet each other again

To struggle to remember how we know each other,

To try to remember we are here for each other

Because we are all trying to experience the world in

Our own way,

Get our own experience,

Find our own path,

And help complete this universe’s attempt to experience itself.

How can there be winners and losers when we are

All here on the same mission?

To find out all there is to know

To return and complete this circle of knowledge?

Maybe you are here to help me find my way.

Isn’t it great we are here together today?

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