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by Dane Allred

Without a yesterday

There can be no today.

We are the sum of all the yesterdays.

All my yesterdays,

All your yesterdays,

All the last weeks, last months,

Last years and last centuries

That stretch back to the dawn of time itself.

When we wake to the world each day,

Those who went before creating the world

Give us our today.

Those future days depend on

What we do with our today.

What do we want to leave to those of us

Who will wake to another today?

This is the only day we have

Since we have spent our yesterdays

And can’t get to our tomorrows

Without going through today.

We have been given this gift called the present;

This day to wake, to work, to play.

This day to find our way to make a better today

For those of us here tomorrow.

We seek a way to make this world a better place

A place we want to awaken to tomorrow.

We want the best for ourselves and for others

Hoping for help along the hours

Looking for ways to help those seeking help.

What would we do this day?

Do as you would have done.

Do those things you would hope others would do

If given the same chance as you.

Brighten the day of someone else,

In the hope that someone will someday

Brighten your day.

Help those who need your help

In the hope that someone will someday

Give you the help you need.

Reach out to those who need comfort

In the hope to be comforted someday

When you are most in need of comfort.

Seek for that one looking for help.

Seek for those who can help you.

There really is no other journey

Than the one we make with each other.

Someone in a yesterday gave us this gift

We call the present.

This day we call today.

It is our day to do with what we will.

What will you do with today?

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