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Walls by Dane Allred

Walls can keep us in

Or shut us out.

We use walls to separate ourselves from others

When in truth we all share that common source.

The Bright Space where we all were once,

That place where I knew all there was to know about you,

And you knew all there was to know about me.

We knew everyone who has ever lived,

Who will ever live,

As well as we knew ourselves.

But then we realized there was more to us than that.

There was a something we were missing,

Hiding behind our wall of complacence

Knowing all there was to know.

We discovered we could learn more.

We could experience the universe by ourselves

Alone and away from each other

And the comfort we knew in each other’s company.

So we came here to experience this universe in our own way,

To add to the knowledge of all that has ever been

By finding our way through this solitary life.

We feel alone,

But it was meant for our paths to cross.

I am here to find my way,

But in finding that path,

I may also be here to help you find your way.

What a disappointment it is when we forget that past connection,

When we walk past each other every day

Wondering how to make this life better

And the answer is all around us.

We are here, but we are not alone.

When we reach out to each other,

There is that one instant of recognition

That spark of familiarity

That confirms the link with the time we spent together before this life.

Working together toward our future

We are finding all there is to know

In our own life,

Enriching the lives of others

And seeking that knowledge in perfect harmony

With this universe.

Reach out and break down that wall,

And help continue our search for all there is to know.

The answer is all around us.

We are here, but we are not alone.

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