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Value by Dane Allred


by Dane Allred

Why would we value one person above another?

They had a mother, a father who cared for them.

Who guided their path into this world.

They were born into this world with the same




And anxieties as each of us.

But when someone falls short of what they want to be,

Or someone falls short of what we think they should be,

Then that judgment devalues the world.

When one of us is dimished,

Then the world must be diminished.

When we strike out with our anger,

Express our disappointment

Give up our goals of being better today

Than we were yesterday;

This universe suffers.

When we are less than we can be

The loss is evident not only to those around us,

But to the mass of humanity hoping for a better day

For a day when we will use all our potential

For the day when we will strike down our fears

And reach out to the others on this journey with us

And make their path a little easier

A little more friendly

A little more exciting

Because we are now on the path together.

Walking alone against the struggles we find in this world is the loneliest path.

But when we reach out and take another into our world

When we let them know they are not alone

Then the unity of two becomes unbreakable.

Then when the world walks in unity

There is nothing we cannot accomplish.

There are so many hungry to feed,

Sorrowful to comfort,

Lost to direct,

So many searching for a friendly face

To greet them.

They are not alone.

As we direct our attention outside ourselves,

The world will open up and reveal itself to us.

Look outside yourself today.

What is there that this life offers you

That one problem that grabs your attention

And demands action?

Look closely.

It is not work.

It is an opportunity to make this world the place you and I can make it.

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