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Bright Space


by Dane Allred

It takes a decision

To do something unselfish.

Giving of ourselves is a choice.

We are choosing to do something

For someone else when we could do something else.

Life is all about the choice.

We make one decision or another.

We don’t always know where the path will lead.

But helping someone else is almost never a bad decision.

One of the most sublime moments is when we can lose ourselves in the service of others.

When we get the chance to help others on their journey here

It’s part of our work as well as theirs.

We were once together in that Bright Space

Wondering what this place would be like

And if we would cross paths again.

We wanted to come here to experience our own life,

While all the world experiences their own reality.

But when we were together before,

We knew all there was to know

Sharing all knowledge and eternity.

But there came a time when we knew we would have to leave the Bright Space

And learn in the only way we could.

Apart and alone

Distant from those we once shared all with,

Wondering what that nagging familiarity really was,

When we see each other by chance.

Or is it by chance?

As the smallest particles of the universe spin

Influencing another small particle somewhere else

It is the same with us as we circle in the spheres

of human interaction

All around us.

My world intersects with yours

And your path crosses another.

Something you need to hear from someone else

May be waiting for you just around the next corner.

When we wander in this wonderful world.

Is it any coincidence we find those who

Think like us.

Act like we do.

Wonder like we do at the connection we feel from the first time we meet.

The first time we meet again for another time.

The next time that momentary recognition happens to you

Stop and help those we were with before.

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