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by Dane Allred

What does it mean to be strong?

Are the strongest among us those who endure the most pain,

And those who are weakest are those who inflict pain on others?

We are told to be strong,

Face our fears,

Conquer our doubts,

Struggle through those difficult times

So we can find our strength on the other side of this problem or that.

There may be times when we are sure we have

No more strength to bear one more moment of





Or pain.

But then we do survive that moment,

And we do emerge on the other side of that struggle

Stronger than we were before.

When we see then someone else struggling with those same problems,

We become their bridge to the other side.

We are here to help each other learn all we can

About this struggle called daily life.

You were put here for a purpose.

Perhaps to endure the pain

To help others on another day.

Perhaps to help others in another way

Unknown to you or anyone else

Until that moment appears.

We are learning all there is to know about





And heart-break.

We are learning what it is to live in a world of








And astonishment.

We are the universe

Learning all there is to learn,

Sent here from the Bright Space

Where we once were all together,

Knowing all there was to know.

We knew coming here would involve

A separation,

The distinctness of being one,

Instead of feeling as one.

But as we learn of heartache and hope,

We expand the knowledge of the universe

Finding what it truly means to strive to

Become one

Even when we are many.

Thank you for the life you are living.

Through your experience,

When you reach out to me in a similar moment

And share your strength

We are one step closer

To being together again

In the brightness of being one.

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