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by Dane Allred

You have unlimited potential.

As an intelligence, you have existed forever.

Deep down inside you know this to be true.

You were never created, but have always been.

We were in that Bright Space together,

Our experiences shared,

Knowing all there was to know.

We knew there was more possible.

There was more we could achieve.

But that meant leaving the Bright Space

And all that we had ever known.

That also meant we would forget

All that we had ever known.

We are here to learn all we can before

We return to the Bright Space.

We will all be together again.

But until then we are here to do something.

That thing you are here to do.

That inner potential you carry about with you,

That can help you accomplish

Those things you need to do.

The prospect of what will be lives in you.

We are pools of unlimited potential.

When we see all that is possible for ourselves,

When we consider all we could achieve,

There is that promising glint

Of what could be,

Of what might be.

Only you know what that is.

Watch for that spark of familiarity

Next time you seem to recognize someone.

That person you meet who it seems you have seen before.

The person who you seem to have met before.



They may be here to help you accomplish that thing you need to do.

Or you may just be recognizing someone

You once knew from very long ago.

As the Universe shrinks,

And we find ourselves acquainted

With those we were with before,

The potential of the universe expands,

When we work together now to learn all there is to learn.

When we are all together again in that Bright Space,

We will share all we have come to know

As only we could know

As we live our own individual lives,

Apart, and yet connected with all the power of the Universe.

There is nothing we cannot accomplish together.

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