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Bright Space


by Dane Allred

Why are there so many obstacles?

If life was easy, would we value all the experiences we have had in life?

We can only grow and achieve if we are challenged.

But there is a reason we are here.

There is something we are to do today,

This week,

This month,

This year.

This lifetime.

You may think you don’t know what it is,

But it floats in your mind and pesters you until you do what you know you need to do.

It’s not always what we want to do.

We are given a lifetime of opportunities to live purposefully.

When we choose one thing or another,

We are navigating our purpose here by our choices.

Some of us have many more opportunities than others,

But that shouldn’t stop us from making the difference we can make.

When we keep the positive uppermost in our thoughts and actions,

We will see results.

They may not be the results we want,

But we also learn every time we fail.

In this world of abundance,

We’ll know better how to accomplish what are striving for the next time we are given an opportunity.

We can have a purpose and also live on purpose.

When we live life on purpose, knowing what we want to achieve,

We have more than a goal.

We have massed the forces of the universe behind our intention

And we will reach it.

Or we won’t.

But then there will be another choice for us to make.

And when we listen to the cacophony of negativity

It is easy to get discouraged.

Are we looking to help those who need our help,

Or do we selfishly think only of ourselves?

Do we let the weight of trouble in the world

Stop us from accomplishing what we can

While we can?

Obstacles are put in our way to help us learn to navigate life.

We were all together once in the Bright Space,

And together, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

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