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Bright Space


by Dane Allred

Surrounded by the natural world

It is easy to feel how connected we all are.

Something about the gentle breeze in the tree

Which selects one single leaf to move

Makes me think the tree is waving to me.

A greeting to acknowledge my presence.

A reminder we are all part of an incredible world.

When that light from the Bright Space

Shines through to me from nature

It reminds me I need to remember

We were all together once in the Bright Space

And the light of every person reflects back

That peaceful calm we all felt there.

There are some in turmoil.

Often there are people in trouble.

Too often, someone is being hurt at the hands of another.

But we were all together in that Bright Space.

If you look closely, you’ll see that spark we all share.

When we combine our talents,

Our energies,

Our focus,

We can accomplish anything we want to do.

When negativity clouds our purpose,

When we forget the closeness we can share,

We neglect our purpose here.

We came here to learn all we could.

We are here to do something only we can do.

You can do that thing you are sent here to do.

Only you can do it.

I am here to help.

Others are here to help.

But only you can accomplish your purpose.

When we consider all those around us

All that surrounds us

In the natural world speaks to us

Encourages us

Supports us.

Nature serves as a reminder of that Bright Space

A day separated by the night,

The sun’s rays to spur our growth.

The promise of a seed

With the potential to become something more.

We are the seed planted here

At this time

At this place

To grow to our own potential

To accomplish all we are meant to do

And when we return to that Bright Space

We will be able to share all we have learned,

Knowing all there is to know.

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