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Bright Space

by Dane Allred


When we face the challenges of living in this complicated world

There are times we get discouraged

Facing the choices of each day

Thinking we are alone can make the smallest of decisions


When we wonder what to do

When we try to decide between

This and that

We need to remember that we were all once together

In that Bright Space

Where we knew all there was to know

In perfect harmony

But then we realized

We could know more

Be more

If we came here to experience

This life of ours.

We are learning how to deal with our challenges

One day at a time.

But there are kindred souls on this journey with us

All those who were with us in the Bright Space

Here to help us remember

Why we are here

What we are here to learn

So when we return to the Bright Space

To share all we have experienced

Our challenges are our special challenges

Meant just for us

Just the kind of challenge we were sent here to face

In a way that only we could.

But we don’t have to face it alone.

Look around.

There are people everywhere who are ready to help

Those people who were with us in the Bright Space.

Who are ready to help us learn all that we can learn.

It happens when that person we just met

Seems to be someone we have known forever

It happens when that certain thing happens

Which couldn’t happen

When that intersection of my world and your world


Pay attention so you don’t miss that one person

That one situation meant to help you along the way.

Then you will be able to accomplish those things your were meant to do

Those things you are here to do

Let’s watch for each other

And when we recognize that light we once shared

We can help each other

Accomplish all that we need to do.

What will we accomplish together?

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