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Light by Dane Allred

Bright Space

by Dane Allred


There is light and darkness

Joy and suffering

Lifeand death

And so many opportunities to experience the extremes in this life.

As we journey along the path our life leads us

Wondering what each day will bring

We rejoice at the times our lives are filled with light

Remembering what happiness the glow can bring us

And how it makes us filled with light

It makes us feel light

And we want to hold onto that feeling forever

There is a reason we love the light

And fight against the darkness

There is a reason we are drawn to the light

Dancing like moths before a flame

Trying to reach the light

Hoping to become the light

Wondering how something so glorious

Could exist.

We are light.

We were in the Bright Space together

And knew the joy of the light

It filled us and inspired us.

Our work was to celebrate that Bright Space

Where all of us experienced the joys of every individual

But a time came when knowing all there was to know was not enough

Being together limited what we could know

And there was no way to learn anything more

Unless we came here on our own to experience the light and the dark of our individual lives.

We remember vaguely the Bright Space and the happiness we felt when we were all together

We remember vaguely our association one with another in that glorious light.

When we bask in the light of the day,

We recapture a bit of the joy we once had

When we struggle in the darkness, we are reminded of the journey we are making

To learn all that we can learn

Until our journey is finished

And we return to that Bright Space to add our voice

With our own experiences.

Then we will truly know all there is to know

And the light within us will compliment the Bright Space

And we will no longer have to live on borrowed light.


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