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Keys by Dane Allred

Bright Space

by Dane Allred


We wander through life wondering why we are here.

Walking down our own road

We look for answers to the many questions

Filling our minds.

What is the key to finding our purpose?

When we left the Bright Space

We forgot all that we knew.

We forgot we were all together

Waiting for a chance to be here now.

Hoping to accomplish all we were sent to do

Hoping to remember we are all working toward the same goal – returning to the Bright Space

So we can all share what we have learned.

We knew all there was to know before we came here.

But unless we tried this stuff called life on our own, That shared experience was not enough.

As we realized we needed to experience

This world on our own,

The key to our success was to forget all that we had known.

To venture on our own.

To find our own way.

But we are here together

You may be the key to my success

Or I may be your key

To unlocking the reason you are here.

Billions of individual stories circling on this spinning marble

Wondering about our futures

Considering our part

Hoping to make a difference we lived here.

But remembering we were once together

Might be the key to end the fighting

The tension

The conflict.

Problems we encounter need our solutions

And the best news is our solutions

Are fellow travelers with us.

Turn to those around you to find the key

To those thorny problems you may be facing.

The key to your success may be only a step or two away.

One or two steps in physical space

Or a step or two searching the wide world.

If you wander wondering why you are here,

Look around yourself as you walk that road.

I was there with you.

You were there with me.

We are here to learn all that we can learn

And return to know all that we can know.


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