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The Next Corner

by Dane Allred

I’m not very good at this life and death thing.

When someone dies,

I always expect to meet them again,

Just around the next corner.

Then we rush to detail what’s been missed,

And you will tell me of the exciting things happening to you,

And I will prattle on about my happenings.

We will brag about our families to each other,

Feeling that we are the most blessed of the two of us.

I can’t wait to see you again,

And I guess that’s why I still feel like you are here,

Just around that next corner.

But that is exactly what will happen.

You are waiting around that corner,

For me to make that turn in my journey,

And I hope I will be prepared for the joy of the moment.

And remember not to brag too much.

Because you deserved better than what you had here,

And I can’t wait to hear how great your journey has become.


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