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by Dane Allred

There is that moment of uncertainty

When we recognize each other from the Bright Space

That instant when our past connections

Are renewed.

But then this world interrupts that celebration

And the reality of the here and now makes us dismiss

The certainty we felt just moments before

That we knew each other so long ago in that Bright Space.

We are all here to learn what we can on our own

To learn those things we could not learn together there.

To return and share our joy, our sadness,

Our success and failure.

To share our pain, our sadness and the disappointments

Each of us had to face.

Those experiences only we can experience

To accomplish those tasks only we can accomplish.

There is that moment of suspense where the unknown is known

And we get the glimpse of all we can be,

And all that other person can be,

And all our world could be.

The moment when we hold our breath and hope for that better time

That future time we are here to create.

Suspended in that moment of suspense,

We feel the timelessness of right now extending into eternity.

In that moment of eternity stretching into our world,

And then we return to this life.

Different from the time we knew together in the Bright Space,

Where we were at peace, knowing all there was to know

And content in that knowledge.

But then we realized we could know more

If we left the Bright Space, to find our own truths.

Now we wander in what we think is our own little world,

Unaware of the time we spent together before.

Wandering in a world where we have forgotten.

Wondering what the strange familiarity is, but dismissing it

And we continue to think we are here alone and separate.

But it is our world together.

Pay close attention the next time you feel that connection.

It is the Bright Space reminding you we will all be together again.


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