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Bright Space


by Dane Allred

Whenever you meet someone

You have never met before, stop for a moment.

You know this person.

You have met before.

The connection seems immediate

And there is an undeniable familiarity.

You are sure you know them.

A strange feeling of relationship.

A knowing.

But there is no way we can have met before.

You have been far away from here

Where I am learning all I can.

But there is that bond

We cannot explain.

We were all together before.

We were in that Bright Space.

All that ever is, ever was, and ever will be was contained there.

In that Bright Space, there was no discontent, no dissension.

In complete satisfaction, we were together, knowing all that could be known.

But then, we realized there were things we could not know

Unless we came here and experienced this life for ourselves.

We were ready to forget all that we had known,

And enter blindly into a new existence.

We are here to do that thing no one else can do,

That only we can complete while we are here.

Our job now is to learn all we can,

Help those who need help.

Gain the experiences that only we can gain

And prepare to go again to the Bright Space

And share all we have learned.

When that new person crosses our path again,

The old memories flash and then vanish.

We continue with the illusion we have never met.

This road we are on is our road,

But that doesn’t mean our roads can’t cross.

When what you are here to do

Intersects with what I am here to do

An amazing reunion takes place.

We may spend a moment together

Or a lifetime

And when we complete all we need to do

I will see you again in that Bright Space.

We will share what we have learned

And know all there is to know.

We’ve met before.

We will meet again

When we meet again that last time.


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