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Pain and Suffering

We were once together in that bright space

But now we spin in our separate spheres

Sometimes distracted by pain

Other times worried by the suffering we endure ourselves

Or the problems others face.

When we look at one another

Really look deeply at that other person

And consider the difficulties they may be undergoing

We may wonder if there is a way we can help

With all the trouble we seem to encounter in our own lives.

But the lesson from that Bright Space is that we are all on this journey together.

You are learning what you need to learn,

And I am here to help you learn.

But I am also experiencing all the joy and sweetness,

Suffering and pain contained in this world.

And you are here to help me make it back to that Bright Space

Where we all will share all that has been learned.

Pain, trouble, suffering, and distress

Are all a part of this experience we desired

A desire so strong we left the Bright Place

So we could be all that ever was, ever is, and ever will be.

We will also experience all the joy, beauty, and happiness

Offered us in this wondrous place.

We are here together now

Trying our best to learn all we can.

And we are here together now

To help each other learn all we can.

When we look closely at that other person

No matter who, or when or where

We can still feel that connection

And know we are here for each other.

I can help you

You can help me

And when we decide to unite and work together

Heal together

Rejoice together

There is nothing we cannot overcome

There is no obstacle to stand in our way

And we will understand

We are learning all there is to learn,

And we cannot do it on our own.

Reach out today and see that connection

We once shared

That we now share

With everyone, everywhere.


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Pain and Suffering

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