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Bright Space

by Dane Allred


There is a brightness we can feel when we work in unity.

The space between us becomes brighter

We feel more as one

The work draws us together in a way

Nothing else can produce.

Working side by side with another someone

A someone we knew from the bright space

But had forgotten

Had lost

And had to rediscover again

Brings back that light we knew with that someone.

That someone we turned to in that long ago and far away

And said to each other,

“We are together now,

And we are all that ever is, ever was, or ever will be.”

But we both knew there was another way

For us to learn all there is to know

To experience all there is.

Alone, apart from each other, we could explore and discover all we could not know

If we stayed in that bright space together.

So now, as I stand by you, and you stand by me,

We are apart, but are still one.

That bright space is in me

And that bright space is in you.

And we feel the connection we had lost.

The recognition of that light we see in each other’s eyes,

That we see in the eyes of everyone who is anyone who is anywhere

Sparks that light again

And as we toil we remember

We are here to help each other learn all we can

We are here to learn all we can

We are striving to learn all there is to learn

As we spin in our separate spheres

Until that time we rejoin with that bright space

And are as one again.

All experience

All sadness

All happiness

All joy

All things will be joined again as one

And then we will truly feel the unity

The oneness we feel now when working side by side

On this marble we call Earth

Which speeds through space

Carrying all of us to that final destination.

That bright space where we will be one.


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