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You and I

Bright Space

by Dane Allred

You and I

I don’t know when I became self-aware.

I mean in this body, at this time.

There was that self-awareness I had forgotten.

From when we were in that

Bright space together.

But here, and now, I don’t recall when I decided

I am me


You are you.

I watch the small children playing and see they know who they are.

They don’t answer to the names of the other children

And seem to know they are separate.

We all remember the time when the universe revolved around us,

When everything was designed to serve us,

To amuse us,

And ceased to exist when we went away to something else.

This fragment of memory of our time together in the

Bright space holds us in a spell

Telling us we are all connected

We are all the same

We have been together before,

But then the separateness denies that truth

And parts us into our own worlds.

I move about in mine,

Forgetting that you and I came here to experience all we could

So that we could be together again in that

Bright space

And share all that we had learned.

We move about from day to day as if there was no connection

Between all I do and all you do,

All that is done by everyone else everywhere else.

We forget all that has been done

Connects us to this very second

To this very thought at this very moment

And then we move on to the next moment to see what else we can learn.

It has taken me a while to see that

I am You


You are Me.

Circulating about in our own lives to create this shared meaning now

And to create the end result.

Some have endured hardship, affliction, and suffering

So we can all discover how deep these pains can be.

To share all we have learned,

To realize all we have in common.

To appreciate the experience of each and every one.


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You and I

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