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Past Connection

Bright Space

by Dane Allred

Past Connection

You can feel that past connection

With everyone and everything

From when we were all in the bright light


There is that residual effect

Where one part of you connects

With another part of the universe

Somewhere distant

But still calling to you

And you are calling to it.

Remember the time we were all one

And we were content?

We basked in the glow of that bright light

And felt that nothing could ever separate us

Nothing could make us want to be apart

Nothing could be better than that time when

We were all one.

But perhaps the brightness blinded us

To what we would have to lose

When we went into the darkness

And gathered ourselves into a separateness

To wonder about that past connection we feel.

We wanted to experience all there was to know

To return and share all we had learned

To understand how good and evil can exist together

And how some cling to the light still within in them

And how others are drawn into the darkness.

We left that perfect place for one less perfect

Knowing it was the only way we could know

All there was to know.

That in our separateness, we would search and reach,

We would learn to find each other again

And realize, we had never really parted.

Though darkness fills the sky

The light connects us.

Though we seem to be apart

We are all there ever was, ever is, and ever will be.

The unity remains, though the separateness seems overpowering.

We struggle to remember those bright moments when we were one

And nothing could have been better.

Unless there was a something, someplace better,

And we realized we had to find out on our own

To live our own individual experiences

To once again return and share

All that is meant by “being”

Because we will have been all there ever was, ever is or ever will be.

I can feel that past connection still.


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Past Connection