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Circling Spheres

Circling Spheres

Now we are in the darkness,

Separated from the bright light,

But never far from remembering all we knew in that bright space.

As we circle in our own spheres,

We may seem to be apart,

But when my world bumps into yours

When our spheres seem to cross

And that brightness sparks the connection between us,

We remember for a moment, and then forget.

We were all once together until we decided to learn all

We could learn apart.

My sphere isn’t any different than yours

Except it is completely different

And someday, we will all join again together and share

All that we have learned by spinning in

Our separate spheres.

I remember you, and the peace we shared in that bright space.

I long to be there with you again,

But not until we have both learned all we were sent here to do,

All we were sent here to learn,

All we were sent here to share

Before we once again gather, and share that bright space

With everyone once again.

But while we are in this dark space,

Revolving around ourselves,

Seeming separate, but at once united

In our goal to use this time to learn, to grow and experience

The bitter and the sweet

The joyful and the sad

The height and the depth

We could not experience as one.

Watch me as I circle in my sphere inside the dark space.

I am watching you as you circle in your sphere inside the dark space.

When you and I contemplate all of us,

Who are circling in our spheres inside the dark space,

We understand that we are the bright space when we are all together,

And there is no darkness.

That is why I have that feeling I know you

Because I have always known you

And will always know you

We have always been together.

Even though our spheres seem separate

We are part of the whole, and the whole is part of us.


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Circling Spheres

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