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Silly Old Nog

Silly old Nog walks backwards through life,

Carrying only a suitcase and knife.

Nog wanders here and Nog wanders there,

But never really arrives anywhere.

He trips over people along the way

Apologizing, “Excuse me, I pray,

But since I am walking backwards you see,

It’s really you who just ran into me.”

He says, “I’m backing up with this sharp knife,

So my dear friend, I have just saved your life,

But please watch your step, my dear little friend,

I’d rather not be run into again.”

And then that Old Nog would take down your name,

Reminding you that you’re really to blame,

Fold up that paper and lock it up tight,

Then warn you to leave and get out of sight.

“If you run into me again,

I will look up your paper and then

This knife won’t point so far away

But maybe straight at you

And maybe poke at you

And maybe stab at you

And maybe stab in you

--If you know what I say.”

If silly Nog would put that knife away,

And stop walking backwards for just one day

We’d all be safer and much better served

And Nog no longer would have to be heard.

Or bumped into.


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Silly Old Nog

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